Our Mission

Dhanna Sunita Enterprises aims to solve such road accidents in India, by using our latest method, we can prevent road accidents in our country and develop our country. and can connect your country's transportation system with a latest system

Our Product to keep you safe

Our Values

Here displaying some of our key features



Creating long-lasting value for all those we engage with



If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well



Building an organization based on highest moral principles of honesty, sincerity and trust


Love for Learning

We are always learning, always innovating and always striving to get better



No challenge is too big for us to say we can't do it



Seeking to grow holistically as individuals who work to fulfil a larger purpose . Building an environment of gratitude, growth and joy

Our Vision

We wish to expand our expertise in our systems and establish Make in India presence across the globe"

Who are we ?

Dhanna Sunita Enterprises brings together global sensor and software technology in vehicle safety and road accident prevention. We deal in the latest innovations in Hardware, Software, Forward and Back Anti Collision Devices and related equipment. The basic tenet of our company is to stand by the standards of quality in view of road accident. We stand for highest level of product quality and service.

  • - Preventing accidents by using state-of-the-art assistance system
  • - Integrating societal and ethical considerations into conditionally and highly automated driving systems.
  • - Implementing data protection principles and standards
  • - Support social and political dialogue on automated driving

Our Product

Sensor Based Vehicle Safety System.

The Vehicle Collision Avoidance System works on short range radar system mounted on front and back of the vehicle coupled with an intelligent software algorithm. The system creates timely alerts to driver for any obstacle around the vehicle, approaching vehicles from other sides or any other danger on safety depending on speed and direction of the obstacle. If no action is taken by driver, in case of emergency the system applies brakes automatically to avoid any collision The Indian automobile safety developed by sensor based vehicle safety system. This product warns driver with Alarms in a potentially dangerous situations And also automatically brake in case no action is taken by the driver.

Some Important Components

  • Radar
  • Laser System
  • Camera
  • Audible Alert
  • Visual Alert
  • Tactile Alert
  • AEB differs from forward collision warning

Why Our Product

Why Choose Our Product ?

Due to heavy fog, people come across terrifying road accidents. Hence, our product will prevent such road accidents.

Dense fog accident
Dense fog accident
Dense fog accident
Dense fog accident

Road Accidents

India has The WORSTRoad Traffic
Accident Rate In World


Loss Of Life

More Than 2 lakhs death anually and Many more injured.


Loss Of Property

Huge Insurance claims and out of pocket expenses.


Loss Of GDP

India looses 3% of its GDPdue to road Accidents


Loss Of Income

70% victims are main wage earner of the family

Our Experts.

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We work together to prevent people indulging in road accidents

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