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Sensor Based Vehicle Safety System.

The Vehicle Collision Avoidance System works on short range radar system mounted on front and back of the vehicle coupled with an intelligent software algorithm. The system creates timely alerts to driver for any obstacle around the vehicle, approaching vehicles from other sides or any other danger on safety depending on speed and direction of the obstacle. If no action is taken by driver, in case of emergency the system applies brakes automatically to avoid any collision The Indian automobile safety developed by sensor based vehicle safety system. This product warns driver with Alarms in a potentially dangerous situations And also automatically brake in case no action is taken by the driver.

How so Sensor based vehicle safety system work ?

This is because with system make use of scanning device mounted at the front and back of the vehicle to measure the distance from the vehicle in the front and back of you. Each of these systems are briefly described below:-

  • Radar - It is a system work by emitting a radio wave from the hood of the vehicle speed of travel and distance from other vehicles is determined monitoring changes in the doppler.
  • Laser System - Work by Emitting an infrared laser beam from the hood of the vehicle .
  • Camera - Work differently than radar and laser methods instead of replying on doppler shift reading or reflection ,this FCW system has a camera mounted on the back and front of the vehicle and electric image- processor . The camera and image- processor are used to determine the risk of frontal collision .
  • Audible Alert - Include belts, ring sound ,and warning etc
  • Visual Alert - Include lights on the dashboard and simulated brake light on the windshield.
  • Tactile Alert - Tighten seatbelt against the body and cut jerks as the vehicle slows.
  • AEB differs from forward collision warning - FCW alert the driver with a warning but does not by itself brake the vehicle .

According to Euro NCAP, AEb has three characteristics :

  • Autonomous - The system acts independently of the driver to avoid or mitigate the accident.
  • Emergency : - The system will intervene only in a critical situation.Work by Emitting an infrared laser beam from the hood of the vehicle .
  • Braking - The system tries to avoid the accidentally by applying the brakes .

Front sensor for Vehicle

This front radar sensor specifically developed for heavy commercial vehicles enables fast, robust, and high-accuracy object detection and tracking. Features such as its long range, high angular resolution, and new Dhanna Sunita Enterprises chirp-sequence modulation make the sensor ideally suited for use in driver assistance systems that enhance safety, comfort, convenience, and efficiency

Features of the front sensor for vehicle

Front sensors can provide a wide range of safety and comfort functions - even for complex driving conditions. Front Sensor for Vehicles Quickly, accurately and reliably detects objects and people due to its long range and high angular resolution, the chirp-sequence modulation feature improves sensor perception due to more detail provided by the reflected signal makes. This enables the radar sensor to detect objects and their position, relative speed and direction of motion with extremely high accuracy. These properties make the sensor ideal for busy urban traffic, where multiple objects and people can be detected, differentiated and tracked simultaneously. In addition, it can alert the driver if necessary or even initiate emergency braking if necessary.

Corner Sensor for vehicle

This corner radar sensor specially adapted for heavy commercial vehicles enables fast, robust, and highly accurate object detection and tracking. Long range, a wide field of view, high angular resolution, and new Bosch chirp-sequence modulation all make this sensor ideally suited to use in safety-relevant driver assistance functions.

Back up collision intervention system:-

Simply put, Backup Collision Intervention is designed to help prevent accidents while backing up your vehicle. These sensors are able to detect both moving objects, such as crossing traffic or incoming vehicles, and larger stationary objects that you may not be aware of.

Sensor diagram